Show Notes – 09/03/11: Pizza

best pizza in columbus

Pizza, a topic everybody can relate to! On the show we debate the merits of Columbus style pizza and recommend some of our favorite pizzas in Columbus. Tune in next week for pizza part two where we talk about some of the new pizza places popping up downtown.

Examples of Columbus style pizza: Donatos and Massey’s

New York Style: Sarefino’s at the North Market (or Brooklyn Pizza in Powell)

Other recommended pizza’s in Columbus:

Clever Crow Pizza- both at Circus Bar and the North Market

Bono Pizza, 5th by Northwest neighborhood (review on Alt Eats)

TAT Ristorante- the first restaurant to bring pizza to Columbus

Hound Dogs – recommended: Smokin’ Joes style (spicy crust)- located on North High St, North Campus.

Adriatico’s – recommended: The Buckeye – located on OSU Campus

Sparano’s - west side. Recommended: pepperoni

Dedicated Pizza Blog in Columbus: Pizza Slayer

Pizza Grand Prix events are held periodically. Seven have been held so far. Here’s some information and history and information about the most recent event.

“Columbus style pizza is lame” – what do you think? Do you like Columbus style pizza? What is your favorite pizza in town?

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2 Responses to Show Notes – 09/03/11: Pizza

  1. cmh gourmand says:

    There are 300+ pizzerias in Columbus…we could not comment on all of them….so tell us what you think we missed.

    For my speed round of what we missed: Enricos, Bexley Pizza Plus, Hi-Beck Tavern, Catalfino’s, and for our vegetarian friends Whole World.

  2. Lorence Sing says:

    Bari Pizza, at Galloway and Hall Rd. Chris does a NY style, a Chicago style deep dish and Chicago style stuffed pizza. And, yes, he slices them properly!

    If you’re talking “Columbus-Style”, then you have to include Rubino’s on Main Street in Bexley. Step inside and it’s still 1954! For the 3 of us, we’ll get a large salad and a medium 3 topping pizza +3 sodas and we’re out the door, stuffed and satisfied, for under $20. Of course, there’s Jeni’s just down the street for dessert… :)

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